Our inlay chips are second to none. Any graphic you want featured prominently in the center of every chip..




Inlay Chips

Our inlays are professionally printed with ANY graphic you want on them and then applied to the recessed portion of the chip so that they are flush and or below the level of the chip. Some of the features of the inlay chips are:
bulletSimply put- the best material and the best equipment is used to manufacture the inlays.
bulletMany " custom chip makers " use a laser printer and office supply paper labels- print them, put them on a chip and call them custom poker chips. Talk to the person 3-6 months later who bought these " custom chips " and you will find the labels are worn, damaged and scratched. 
bulletCAST vinyl is used for our inlay which prints with superb color accuracy and detail
bulletThe images are laminated using polycarbonate floor lamination. VERY expensive- but there's nothing better. So much so- the inlays will outlast your poker chip.
bulletChip diameters vary. You cannot put a one inch office supply label on a chip if the inlay diameter is 1.103 inches. Well, you CAN- but it looks like crap. State of the art cutters are used which cut the inlay to PRECISELY the EXACT diameter of the chip. If your chip diameter is 1.115 inches- your inlay will be 1.115 inches.
bulletMost orders can be turned around within two weeks after artwork approval.
bulletNo artwork fee for reasonable requests. If artwork is to be charged, a quote will be given before any money exchanges hands.
bulletEmail us with your artwork or idea prior to ordering and we'll let you know what we can do for you.
bulletShipping for up to 300-1000 chips runs about $15.00. Quotes will be given for other quantities.

Chips we offer that will hold an inlay are below.  Multiple colors are available. Other chips may also be available. A minimum of 300 chips is required with a 25 chip minimum order per design. Please Email us with an inquiry and we will get back with you ASAP. Customer service is our number one priority.


Compression Clay with Edgestripes
From $0.65 (+shipping)
Compression Clay
From $0.55 (+shipping)
Tri-Color Composite Clay with 1.25" inlay
From $0.60 ea (+shipping)
6 Stripe  Chip with 1.25" inlay
From $0.59 (+shipping)
  Classic 8 stripe with 1.25" diameter inlay
From $0.59 (+shipping)
Nexgen 8300 series
From $0.59 (+shipping)
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Custom Ceramics

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