Unlimited choices is what you get when you customize your own set.  My own set is featured in many of the pictures and I am the envy of the neighborhood.




Ceramic Chips

Looking to do true custom poker chips?  Then you've come to the right place. We can help you design the chips to get you exactly what you envision. Some features of these chips:

bulletFully Customizable - even the edge stripe.  We start with a white chip and add whatever image you want.
bulletThe image is a part of the chip, not a label.
bulletIn house design team with design help for FREE (within reason)- others charge upwards of $50/hr.
bulletAs low as $.85/chip when ordering 500 or more. Shipping is usually about $15/500 chips.
bulletPrinting capability as high as 2400x2400dpi

Here is my custom set I use weekly at the "Cook's Sports Pub and Casino" plus other designs:

Pricing to consider when doing custom chips. All of this pricing is a result of factory fees. I do not add-on to the factory fees.

bullet$0.85/chip when ordering at least 500 ($.95/chip if less than 500)
bulletText on edge stripe is an additional $0.05/chip
bulletDifferent images on each side is an additional $0.05/chip
bulletAligned edges are an additional $0.35/chip
bulletMinimum 50 chips per image
bulletAdditional charge of $25 for more than 10 images
bulletUnfortunately I now must charge a $15 approval scan fee (per 5 designs)-This fee is so you can approve the final look of the chips after samples have been printed, unless you are willing to take the risk.
bullet$25 Artwork Set-up Fee. This is charged by the factory, not me.
bulletArtwork is FREE! (up to a point as some have taken advantage of us) - We will dedicate 3 hours of time to do artwork. After 3 hours there will be a $20/hour charge.  Typically people only go over 3 hours if they continually make changes.

You're best option is to contact us at cardtrojan@hotmail.com to discuss your needs.  We can then work with you to design your chips and we'll send you an invoice through PayPal.  Orders take roughly 4 weeks to complete after artwork approval.

For a few more examples of chips/artwork we've done Click Here.

Disclaimer: Ceramic poker chips are individually hand pressed and very labor intensive.  Periodically the images are not perfectly aligned and some "white" may appear around the extreme edge.  This is normal with any ceramic chip you might purchase and does not qualify for replacement. If chips are extremely "white", they will be replaced at no charge. Once scans are approved, if chips turn out different we will do our best to correct the problem, again within reason.

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