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Our goal at CardTrojan is to make you happy. I have been making custom poker supplies for over eight years and in all my time I have only had 2 clients I have not made happy. One I don't think God himself could have made happy and the other gave me an incorrect shipping address and expected me to eat the cost of another 20 protectors.  Outside of that, read below what other clients have had to say.

"I just got the package this morning Ö I have one thing to say Ö SWEET!!! These things are really very nice. Now I canít wait to play and show them off tonight"   - Steve B. (Ontario, Canada)

"Your work is AWESOME !! I am thrilled with my card protectors !! I will share your web site with all of my poker friends!!  Thank you.  - Beverly E. (Texas)

"Thank you so much.  You service has been wonderful.  If you ever need a reference I will be more than happy to provide one.  It is not everyday that you order something from the Internet and get such great service." - Leann N. (Military base)

"Thank you for the card protectors they are perfect!!!!  I will give you all the credit at the tournament.  Maybe even get you a few orders.  I appreciate all of your efforts and I definitely will be ordering from you in the future you have been extremely helpful!  - Jeff H. (Texas)

"I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know how much I loved the card protector! It is absolutely incredible and I can't wait to give it to my dad for his birthday! Thanks so much for working with me on the pictures I wanted and making it look awesome. I looked on your sight for somewhere I could give you and great review but I didn't find anywhere, if you ever get a place and want a review I'd be more than happy to write you one. Again thanks for everything, you truly made this birthday special! I know I'll be buying from you again soon" - Molly L. (Virginia)

"It arrived yesterday and it looks amazing!!!  Thank you so much" - Janet D. "

"Just received the card guard this morning. Really nice job!! I think that everybody will want one in my club when they see it." - JM W. (France)